Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Eating Enough for Two

yeah, not me... my horse! She's eating double what she was eating 3 months ago! I think she is going to have a big baby. I'll try to post recent photos of her soon. She isn't showing too much yet, and in fact I had been having a hard time keeping weight on her, until the past two weeks. Now, I'm starting to see a little "pooch" in her belly. :-)

Yesterday, after our lesson, one of my students and I spent about 30 minutes just rubbing her all over with the rubber curry comb and scratching her belly. She's so expressive and when she wants us to scratch in a particular spot, she will point with her lips (to the best of her ability, since some spots are simply out of reach for her) to help us understand her desire. If we pause to rest, she'll walk up and lay her head on my shoulder to indicate that she would be exceedingly grateful if we continued. Why is it that all my animals are so demanding? :-)

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