Monday, June 11, 2007

Floating Fairy Lovers

We went for a marvelous hike this weekend - 6 girls- so much fun!!! We woke up early (well 7:00 is early on the weekend, right?) and headed for Barton Creek. We ended up hiking 7.5 miles along the creek. The creek was so full, and we "had" to cross it several times. In some parts it was well over our waists (though the water line went a little higher on those shorter members of our party).

At one crossing, the water was a little above my knees and I was ambling forward, about 1/3 of the way across when I glanced down only to see Madison and Val floating past me. It hadn't dawned on me that they wouldn't be able to touch the ground at that crossing and so would invariably be forced to swim. They weren't concerned at all as they swam along, but it became quickly apparent that they would soon be swept down the stream, as they were defintely floating faster than I was walking and they were riding the current rather effectively. I rushed after them, grabbed the harness of Madison who was closer to peril and then Val who was a scottie length behind Madison. They were frustrated that their progress had been thwarted (it's not very often those little legs whisk past the "big people" with such ease), but were willing to let me drag them to the bank, nevertheless.

Hiking is just way too much fun, especially in such a beautiful place. Makes me crave the outdoors!

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