Monday, March 26, 2007

So It's Springtime

The trees are all blossoming and my daisies have opened up; reminders to me that spring is here, again. I'm so glad that God created seasons. They are a tangible reminder that life is full of different seasons, and one season may end and another being before we even realize it.

The seasons in my life have been changing rapidly and with the changes have come pain, anticipation, reflection and hope. I'm looking forward to this next season (I hope it's spring, after a long winter).

I am reading "Total Truth", but Nancy Pearcey, ever so slowly. It has been an appropriate book for me at this time, as I seek a new vocation. Here are some quotes which have encouraged me in this search:

"... our vocation or professional work is not a second-class activity, something we do just to put food on the table. It is the high calling for which we were originally created."

"Each of us has a role to play in cultivating the creation and working out God's norms for a just and humane society... It is imperative for us to understand that in carrying out these tasks, we are not doing an inferior or second-tier work for the Kingdom. Instead we are agents of God's common grace, doing His work in the world."

"In our work, we are God's hands, God's eyes, God's feet."

And finally: "No one can live without a sense of purpose and direction, a sense that his or her life has significance as part of a cosmic story... For we are made for God, and every part of our personality is oriented toward relationship with Him."

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