Sunday, March 04, 2007

Amazing Grace,

How sweet the Film.

One of the things I like best about the movie was its portrayal of marriage. (Kris has finally convinced me that marriage has a unique purpose designed by God. :-)

The movie begins with "Wilbur" (as his friends call him) burnt out, tired of trying and hopeless in his endeavors to change the world. During this season of hopelessness, "Wilbur" tries to concentrate on improving his health and getting his mind off of the very thing that drives him - the very thing he was uniquely created to do. When he meets his wife-to-be, his energy is renewed. She helps him to see the value of his efforts and the importance of persevering. Because of her encouragement and personal passion for his vision, his strength is renewed and he is able to accomplish that which was considered impossible. You really need to see the movie, as my description is not sufficient. I think it is a reminder that people should marry for the purpose of complementing one another in their service to God. We should be better and more effective (in our unique service to our Creator) together than apart.


pixelartist said...

I think a wife's role is often underplayed in our society.

Without a wife's support, many men become passive and lose confidence in their decision making abilities (or be head of the household).

However, when a man feels that his wife is standing beside/behind him 100%, he is a complete man. Any fear of failure or wrong decisions is erased, and confidence exudes from every step.

Have you seen what I'm talking about? The adage "Behind a great man is a great woman"(I hope I'm not misquoting there) is, I think, a reflection of why God said, "It is not good for man to be alone".

Naenae (from CA)

Virginia said...

Oh! I love that movie! John took me to see it the day after opening...I could write a whole book on how "Amazing" that movie is.


of course, the fact that Wilber is also for the humane treatment of animals is a draw too :P