Friday, January 12, 2007

The Start of the New Year

It is hard for me to believe that this is January of 2007. I was woke up this morning thinking about when I was a little girl... I remember the year 1984, because I was shocked that it was going to be 1985! That was the first time I think I realized what a year meant.
Kris and I just celebrated our SIXTH anniversary!!! Why is it that those who are happily married find their time together to slip away so quickly? It seems to us that we were just married, but it has been 6 whole years! We've both changed in these past few years; equipped with more understanding and deeper love for each other, and the with the knowledge that comes with time, we daily find more enjoyment in one another.
We anticipate this coming year and all that it will hold. How will the Lord see fit to use us? What events will transpire to strengthen us, to wear us down, to bring us delight and to draw us to tears?

Here is a recent picture of Valiant for all to enjoy. She has extra large ears, a bright black nose, short legs and a precocious personality!

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Gwendolyn said...

I cannot believe that you have been married for 6 years already! How can that be? and that I just turned 60! Even more preposterous! It's funny you would wonder what God has in store for you in the year that lies ahead...afterall, weeks, days, moments are just arbitrary divisions of this stuff called "life" continues to flow or comes to an abrupt or ebbing end despite our conceptions of it's needful duration or where in time's breadth we happen to be in our traversing of it. The longer I live, the more aware I am that rather than linear, life is not measured in moments or days or weeks, but rather in laughter and tears, in longing and in fulfillment. To know and then to remember that God is in absolute control and in loving sovereignty He IS aware of each of us in the midst of our time...time that to him does not exist. (probably that is why Jesus really could not tell his disciples the time of his was based on the fulfillment of God's purposes...not an arbitrary date.) Anyway, whatever transpires in the duration of 2007 will be to grow each of us into a more accurate rendition of that One whose birth we celebrate each December. May God continue to bring you both more deeply in love and more fully able to minister to those many, many who continually seek you out and who are always blessed because they did. I love you both very much. Mom (G)