Friday, January 19, 2007

Howl if you want a chai

Today, I had my all-too-often chai tea craving, so I stopped by the Starbucks drive thru. In the passenger seat of my car, Val excitedly waited to see the cashier who was at the window. She stood with her front feet on the console and wagged her tail until we pulled up to the window. The cashier smiled at my fuzzy puppy and said, "Hello there. Aren't you cute?" At that, Valiant threw her head back and howled in her husky voice for 5 seconds. She finished with a gruff growl. Everyone in Starbucks was laughing out loud! The cashier was so impressed that she scoured around and found a "cookie" for Val and passed it to me in a pastry bag. She told me that Valiant was her most entertaining customer this week.

So now you know how to place an order at your favorite coffee shop.


Lisa said...

HA! That is just too cute! Madison must be very I cannot wait to meet little Val face to face. What are Princess Val's thoughts on fairies?

McBean said...

Incidentally, Princess Valiant is a fairy lover in the making! Let's face it though... enthusiasm is infectious! :-)