Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fancy That

This morning, before work, I went by the stable to ride Fancy. We took a one hour stroll in the woods and afterwards I was refreshed and ready to take on another day.

The leaves have begun to fall off the trees, so the ground looks like gold and the sun was sparkling off the trees. The wind was blowing hard, so the trees were blowing against each other throughout the forest. At one point a small tree fell near the trail and gave us both a start! I don't know if it was the cool weather, the wind or the fact that we haven't been on the trail in a few days, but Fancy was enthusiastic and challenging to ride today. I love it when she's like that, because I can feel the energy just waiting to explode. She walks with a quicker step, ears pricked forward in anticipation and waits for me to tell her what's next. Riding Fancy is amazing, because she's so dependable and yet she's full of life and stamina. Every ride on her is one that I anticipate!

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