Monday, July 01, 2024

Chainsaw murderer and wildflowers too

The storms rolled in every day last week - probably the first of the monsoons. Hopefully they were not the last of the monsoons. The mitigation project in our corridor is almost completed and we are more inclined to welcome the rainy days than we have been in the past couple of years. The trees and wildflowers are happy from the storms last week.

I was attempting to get the A-frame painted all last week. I had been planning on painting it for several months, and had blocked it out so that guests could not book it. Three days before I was to begin the project, I fell 13' off a ladder and partially dislocated my shoulder (again), and bruised a number of ribs. It wasn't a severe injury, but it left me with a weak arm and a lot of soreness. So, throughout last week, I arose before daylight and prepped for painting because I knew I was going to need all the extra time I could get. I was out painting as soon as it was light enough to do so, as all the storms kept rolling in around noon or sooner. After the storms passed, I rushed out and painted until dark if I could. It was chaotic, to say the least. However, in spite of a malfunctioning paint sprayer, a busted arm, non-compliant weather and absolutely everything working against the project, I was able to finish it just before our next guest needed to check in. I estimate that it took me approximately 51 hours, broken apart into many tiny segments. :-) One morning, the paint sprayer lost it's mind and sprayed all over me and all over the roof of the house. I looked like I had murdered someone with a chainsaw (red paint) and the roof was tricky to get cleaned but with the help of Madigan, a power washer, and a metal scrub brush, we did manage to get most of it cleaned off. I was close to tears a few times on this project. Julie and Madigan came and helped me tremendously several times and that gave me the extra push I needed to get it completed. I'm super happy with how it turned out. 

Lochlan has a new Respite Care provider who was able to watch him during many of the hours I painted last week and it was an absolute blessing. Her name is Serene and I think that's Providential because she is absolutely serene. She brings so much peace and I am very thankful for her. Lochlan has been slowly morphing out of his super destructive stage, and it has made life much easier. We are starting to take him out to run errands with us, but I definitely do it with trepidation. He seems less anxious and likely to explode without provocation, but it's hard to set aside the old trauma and carry on. Time heals... most things. So maybe... 

When our property was destroyed in 2022, I made the decision to really commit 3 years to rebuilding. We now have one year left and it seems like we may achieve our goal. I still have several fence lines that need to be replaced/rebuilt, walls to reinforce and rocks to move. So, the boys and I have made a plan for how we may get the tasks accomplished and we are going to do as much as possible before we start our school semester. In the meantime, we're also working on building out our long-time-dream of an underground greenhouse and a large playscape for the kids. We're a good way through both of those projects. The playscape has played a huge role in Lochlan's current positive trajectory, I believe. He spends hours and hours out there with his brothers, even though it is only partially completed. I have a lot of motivation on that project! :-) 

Though rest might have been a wiser priority for this weekend, I opted to take a long hike with my beloved friend, Casey, and this really great guy I know (Madigan). It was rest for my soul and completely restorative. We hiked approximately 15 miles, up Humphreys and down into the Inner Basin. 

I'm so glad I don't know what the future holds because life is simply hard enough. I awoke this morning with a determination to make the most of this day, with gratitude for the borrowed breath in my lungs, and with hope in my heart. 

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