Friday, July 07, 2023

There's nothing ordinary about it

This life. 

It's magical.
It's savage. 
It's extraordinarily beautiful. 
It's horrifying. 
It fills us with wonder.
It's heartbreaking.
It's surprising. 
It's disturbingly predictable.
It gives us more than we can imagine. 
It breaks us into pieces. 
It fills us with hope. 
It fill us with disappointment.
It gives us knowledge and understanding and wisdom.
It teaches us that we know nothing and can control even less.
It gives us mountains.
It drags us through the valleys. 
It teaches us that we are never truly alone. 
It leaves us utterly empty.
It shows us that we are so much more than we ever fathomed. 
It teaches us that we are finite and limited. 
It. Is. A. Gift.
It is not something we are owed.

 I will take this borrowed breath and I live fully these days I am given. 

The boys' maiden voyage on the boat their dad helped them build.

Kelton spotted a husky in the woods and we were able to help rescue him and return him to his owner who lives in upper state Utah. He had been missing for several weeks and was in rough shape. 

First born cone eating skills...

Second born cone eating skillzzzzz

I love this lady!

We have finished our mitigation efforts for this year... now we await the monsoons. 

Firewood cutting fun. 

First camping trip of the summer.

We can find beauty in the thistles.

7th annual backpacking trip. 

I spent an inordinate amount of time on this trip thinking, reflecting, processing the pain and reward(s) of this past year and trying to prepare for what I don't know is ahead. 

Cousin Gabe and the boys came to visit... a major highlight of this year. Love. Them. All. So. Much.

And back to the lake today. The boys now have two completed boats and are becoming quite the skilled lakemen. :-) 


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