Saturday, January 08, 2022

21 Years

21 years ago, two young people got married. God, in His sovereignty does not allow us to see what the future holds, even as we await and plan our tomorrows. His plans are very different than our own and each day of these 21 years has been a constant reminder to us that we may have dreams, expectations, and hopes, and God does not exist to fulfill those. He burns Himself into our hearts and shows us in every tiny way that we belong (to Him, first and foremost). He crushes our dreams, and gives us so much more than we can imagine or hope for. He kills our expectations and restores us from the blindness of our youth. He takes our naive hope and gives us profound hope that is built from pain, truth, sorrow and joy. We step forward, hand in hand, sometimes walking in opposite directions; sometimes in the same direction. Our each step is less blithely considered in light of the lessons we've learned in this journey.  So, onward to tomorrow. Together.

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denisemayen said...

Happy anniversary you guys! I'm so grateful I got to witness those early years of your marriage and walk alongside y'all as a friend.