Monday, March 08, 2021

There is a battle in play

between the boy and the man. Madigan has been struggling these past couple weeks; it is reflected mostly in outbursts of attitude, but also with anticipation replaced with lack of enthusiasm. He's mostly himself - helpful, commanding, energetic, inspirational, hard-working, enthusiastic, positive and forward-thinking. So, when we see these mini-outbursts or brush up against the red head with a hot head, it's more noticeable and surprising to each of us. 

After one such outburst on a recent adventure in the dusk of evening, it became clear that it was time for a solo hike up Mt. Everest. But, since that is not a realistic option right now, we settled for a day spent with just the two of us. Kaysee agreed to watch the little brothers, Gumbum gathered up Declan for a day of school at her house, and I surprised Madigan with a ready backpack, snacks, water, hiking boots and an unknown agenda. We managed to cram in coffee, a lengthy hike (7 miles up the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon), lunch and ice cream. The best part is that we talked the WHOLE TIME. He opened up his heart and gave me the mundane and the profound. He helped me see the burdens he feels and we talked about which are appropriate vs. those which are only perceived. We talked about hopes. We talked about the past and the future.

Our favorite coffee shop knows us a little too well. They made our favorite lattes for our special date. :-) Not gonna lie... it touched my heart. 

 I was inspired and encouraged in every way and came home feeling proud and unworthy to know and (fiercely) love this great man. 

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