Friday, July 10, 2020

the skies bid us bonne nuit

Tonight, the skies bid us bonne nuit with extravagant grandeur. It was the thrilling culmination of a beautiful, but challenging day. It was the bookmark to yet another chapter of the story we live, waiting to be re-opened tomorrow morning, if Lochlan's vomiting from tonight does not keep us alert into the wee hours. Perhaps the bookmark just hovers... lest rest does not find us this night. Perhaps the story of today will simply roll into tomorrow, for the bookmark to land on a different evening. This boy is ready for a new chapter - we are all ready for a new chapter and the bright, fresh beginning that tomorrow has the potential to hold.

Madigan, Declan, Gumpai, Ankie Tae and I will be headed to our 6 day backpacking trip tomorrow morning. My mind is craving the mental processing space and I think it's my soul that lusts for the call of the mountains, to find rejuvenation. They draw me near to the One who is their maker and I find the perspective of life is re-balanced in their midst (and perhaps their mist).

We have been training for the past couple weeks, and these two men I call my sons astound me. They have complained, but not excessively, in spite of the early mornings, steep climbs, and sweat, and they have put their hearts into being ready and able. I'm ridiculously proud of them. So, forward, into the chapter of tomorrow...

Ready Mama? 

My heart... 

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