Saturday, April 11, 2020

Slow down...

Tiny human struggling so much with wanting to be more... slow down. This life will throw at you more than you can bear sometimes, so play hard, love fiercely, let the little boy in you be all that he can be as a boy-not-yet-a-man. That little boy is destined to be a great man, who will struggle and sometimes fall down (or be pushed down by life or others), and the skills you learn being a boy (like how to get up and gallop on when you skin your knees while gallivanting through the forest) will help you get back up as a man; wiser, humbled and profoundly stronger because you have known pain, as you have also known (so much) love. Together the pain and love will shape the beauty that your heart harbors, and which awaits to blossom. Slow down, and BE. And know that you are loved immeasurably (by someone so much more than just me).

I wish I could shield you from all the challenges that will find you, but this is a broken world we were all brought into, so I know that I cannot. I trust in the One who made you to be a part of this world. I see you wrestle with sorrow and be overwhelmed by joy, and I see you endeavor, each day, to be more. Live fully and learn from today. Tomorrow will have it's own troubles/challenges but the strength you gain from your yesterdays will help you to face those challenges.


AZ Crazy Lady said...

The changes I have seen in this young man over is the last several months are truly remarkable. His interactions with me and other adult-types are showing thought and maturity. He seems happier and more content with his lot in life. Nice job you guys.

Dalmatians Mom said...

Your boys are wonderful humans and Lochlan waves and smiles at me when I stop to treat “my horsey friends and new bull boy ❤️ I wish I had something useful to offer. As I said, your boys, all of them are lovely and they have a fantastic mom.
Rose McMillan, from down the street ❤️