Tuesday, March 03, 2020

First Family Vacation

Last Fall, we took our first family vacation and it was epic. I just somehow failed to write about it! We decided to go to Colorado for a few days and try our hand at camping with the whole gang. All in all it was a brilliant success, though not completely unmarred by the unpleasant (vomit all over the back seat, for example). 

We followed our noses to the Telluride area and found a wonderful camp site for our first and second nights. 

And, of course, we rode the gondola from Mountain Village into Telluride to get donuts and coffee at the famous bakery in town. 

Aberdeen proved her stuff leading Lochlan throughout town without any hesitation. She's changed our lives! 

Then, we wandered around and stared at mountains... just because we could. 

And found catwalks, caves and waterfalls.

Guiding her charge safely. 

We wandered into Ouray... 

And then, followed some more forest roads to find new adventures. 

The last night we found THE PERFECT campsite, right by a waterfall! 

And then we visited Mesa Verde Ruins on the way home. We'll be going back for a more detailed visit eventually, but we got enough to wet our appetite. 

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