Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Chocolate and elk nuggets

As this small human toddles about in our lives each day, he leaves imprints of himself upon each of us. All of us have been deeply changed by the joy that he carries at the core of his being. I often find myself watching as he enters a room and captivates everyone, either through subtle smiles under a (tentatively) shy demeanor, or through his bold gallop on those two rather steady legs that is always accompanied by an enthusiastic smile (and often outright laughter). He emerged into my world and the sunshine has never left. 

He changes everyone who lets him into their heart, and I love watching him learn from those who love him. 

He is always excited to meet a new adventure and to take on a challenge. 

He loves life and those in it. 

 He has a complexity and depth that often surprises those around him. He has no shortage of opinion and is unafraid to share that opinion, sometimes ferociously. He has the courage and strength of a lion; but he's not a tame lion, as it were. 

He loves chocolate. 

And rocks. 

And elk nuggets. 

And grass. 

He loves God's creation, starting with the great outdoors. Every day I remind him that he is one of the greatest marvels of that creation and that I am incredibly/profoundly delighted to be his mommy. Sometimes he follows me through the house toting his favorite soft blue blanket behind him, waiting for me to sit down so that he can climb into my lap and lay his head against my chest. He never readily leaves, and I love that he savors these timeless moments (almost) as much as I do. My life doesn't seem even remotely possible - to be surrounded by this much beauty. 

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Gary said...

ONLY your family would have a child that bounces between such culinary extremes as chocolate...and elk turds!!