Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pause it

Kelton is laughing so hard he's having trouble catching his breath. Lochlan is running at warp speed around the kitchen and living room, patting Kelton as he passes by. Declan is melted into the hammock on the porch while Madigan swings it, at Tiger speed (i.e. fast). Sabina has wrapped her entire large body around my "free" foot, in a desperate search for a tummy rub. Valiant is patrolling the perimeter of the porch, mouthing off at the squirrel who taunts her from the tree above. It's just a moment in time. A picture that can't be caught on camera. A series of seconds that time will, no doubt, erase from my memory. I glimpse in this moment the wealth that I behold, treasuring it in my heart. Sometimes - so many times each day - I want to pause time, savor it indefinitely, and not let a minute escape. Yet, when I look into these faces, see the men that they are even now in their wee-hood, I relish the future and hunger to see them become who they are created to be.

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kmac said...

This is so beautiful.