Monday, May 12, 2014

A Measure of Success

Today, it was individual maneuvers which contributed to the overall success of the day. This pack of four did not cease in bringing me utter delight as I watched them interact with one another and their world:
  1. Tiger's enthusistic embrace of his littlest brother, which he assured me that Kelton needed more than food or sleep in that particular moment (of baby discontent).
  2. "Oh, thank you, Mommy"(s), which Paugie bestowed abundantly upon me today - he noticed even the slightest efforts I made on his behalf.
  3. Jevy's attentiveness to Kelton, who was fussing in his bed. Jevy hovered next to the crib, peeking over the side in obvious concern, babbling in his "baby speak" to is little bro - his very presence offering evident comfort.
  4. Kelton's responses when I told him a story, and talked to him about our day - little grins, giving his own input every so often and incredibly bright eyes dancing with interest (in my face). 
These little baby sighs of contentment (two words: Milk Drunk) are now beckoning me to sleep-hood. 

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Gwendolyn1946 said...

Kelton has changed exponentially in just a month! Incredible! Miss them so much...