Friday, December 28, 2012

This Christmas, we had some moments of laughter which will be fondly remembered by us all. These boys keep us in constant laughter, it's true, but even the adults in this small party were entertaining this year!
A few funnies I can recall at present:

  • Quote-a-thong... that's right. In all innocence it was an attempt to say "quote-a-thon" AND/OR "quote-along". But still. Thank you Ankie Tae.
  • "Oh look, sexy underwear" I exclaimed as I opened my stocking stuffers, only to hear the echo from my 2 year old. He then proceeded to wear them on his head.
  • Krista, Lisa and I were discussing the list of our favorite Christmas songs, including "Mary did you know", and particularly the works from Kathy Mattea. I remarked at how deeply moved I always am by her version of "Mary had a little lamb".
  • Krista was busy being industrious and making some scrumptious candy cookies. Her hands were immersed in cookie dough when the timer on the over went off, so she asked, "Can you please get the diaper out of the oven?" Poor thing... I think she's been traumatized by this household of little people.

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