Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Driving skills

Sometimes I have a hard time trying to keep the boys safely entertained while I'm feeding the animals out at the barn. Declan has become particularly challenging as he is on the cusp of crawling, and is constantly frustrated by not being mobile when he thinks he should be. So, putting him in the swing or even carrying him in his backpack placates him for minutes only... then he's ready for the next activity! Madigan has stepped up to the plate and offered a wonderful solution these past several days, much to all of our delight! He pushes Declan in his stroller all over the field. He pushes the basket at the base of the stroller, since he's too small to reach the handle and he steers by grabbing whichever wheel he needs to go in the desired direction. Such a clever method, really, and he came up with it all by himself! And - being the ever-attentive big brother that he is - whenever Declan starts to fuss, Madigan immediately stops the stroller, and rushes around to make sure D has his bottle of water, cracker and/or toy. Once the little brother is adequately satisfied, the vehicle is back in motion. I love watching those little brothers interact... they love each other so much!

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