Friday, November 18, 2011

'Zat Whack?

Madigan Luke, why are you so funny?

His first phrase when we get to the barn in the morning: 'Zat Whack? Translation: Is that the duck, which says, "whack, whack"?

Yes, he has often been known to throw a temper tantrum because I pick up the dog food and put it away to encourage him to eat his human food breakfast as an alternative (to the good stuff).

Those tender, raw moments of truth like when Mommy "secretly" (though perhaps not noiselessly) farts and Madigan asks "Wuzzat, wuzzat, wuzzat" until given a complete explanation. He might as well know I'm human.

The man eats dog food, horse food, goat food, duck food and dirt (when I'm not watching, of course :-). Yet, if he falls on the ground and gets dirt on his hands, he panics, runs over to me, grabs my pant leg and starts wiping frantically to remove the unwelcome substance from his untarnished presence.

I love the way he body slams his little brother, smothering him in a full body hug each morning or anytime Declan appears lonely. Declan has adapted; he's adjusted his response from sheer horror to what seems to be delight. He lights up like a butterfly when he sees his big brother's face directly above his own.

This boy is just a treat to behold.


kmac said...

Oh my gosh, I love him.

Gwendolyn said...

My first thought.."and I am missing it all"...but at least your wonderful posts enable me to share in it, if only from a vast distance. You are a very good and humorous writer and you keep me appraised of your world, however far away. Love you dearest. Mom