Monday, July 11, 2011

Give me that Old Time Rock N Roll

Madigan REALLY LOVES TO DANCE. Old news, I know, but it's almost chronic. If there is music playing, he's bound to be dancing and if there's not music playing then there should be. His taste really astounds me. From Classical to Rock N Roll, he's got moves.

Today, on our way home from the feed store, he started to nod off to sleep. All parents out there know this is a MAJOR problem just before nap time. That little cat nap can become justification for all kinds of wickedness come nap time. I had music playing in the truck, but it was obviously too tame. We valiantly tried to rouse him using more traditional methods: poking, tickling, "here's your favorite toy", "What does Audrey say?", to no avail. He was out. When I finally had the bright idea of checking the radio, providence prevailed! Give me that Old Time Rock N Roll came blasting on. His drooping head raised up, tired little eyes rolled open slowly and a huge smile spread across his face. His eyes kept trying to shut but he fought it and pretty soon his shoulders were rocking to the beat. The smile never left his face. The sleepy passion for music is just impossible to capture with words. SO CUTE!

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denisemayen said...

That is so cute! And, I totally understand the do-anything-to-keep-the-kid-awake-because-we're-5-minutes-from-home routine! It's worth looking or sounding ridiculous to have a much better nap in their own bed.