Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My life is crazy... or maybe I'm just crazy

Valiant hasn't been feeling well, so I made her two eggs for lunch. I served her eggs on a plate, and when I reached in the drawer to pull out a fork for her, I suddenly felt a little odd.

When Devany was trying to eat her breakfast this morning out of her little bucket, I had to run out and pull Audrey and Madigan out of the bucket so that Devany could get her head in. It seemed normal at the time, but on hindsight I have to admit... that's a bit unusual.

I was looking over my goat/horse/dog feed bags to make sure their ingredients were organic/soy free so that Madigan's isn't getting negative things in his diet. Wait... what?

I love horses and always have. Yet, I'm terribly allergic to a lot of their hay. Particularly Timothy grass and Alfalfa. I've currently got my barn stacked with: Timothy/Alfalfa cross. Makes for some tearful mornings and evenings and lots of nose blowing. I guess I could have thought that one through better BEFORE purchasing the delicious green hay.

Last week while weeding the garden, I glimpsed Arnold SchwarzeSPIDER. Outside of tarantula land, this bad boy was trying to set a size/ugly record. After my heart started beating again I went after the thing with a WEED WACKER. What? I'm here to report that, though it might not rush to your mind as the most obvious spider eliminator, it was effective. I'm sure the sheer enormity of the beast made my success possible, but I felt pretty clever in that moment.


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cheryl said...

Oh my goodness! I don't know whether to laugh or cry with you. :o) That is quite a bit of random crazy. Glad you survived the godzilla spider!

Dustin and Tiffany said...

Ahhhh! I SOOO feel your crazy vibe! It is the same crazy bug going around our house. It is an infection I tell you! I identify with you!