Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kitchen Duty

We had our 7th high tea yesterday and in preparation we recruited the help of the little man in the house to prepare scones. He was AMAZING! He poured the flour, measured the dry ingredients and operated the "machine" with much enthusiasm. He was interested in the whole process. He was fascinated with all the measuring and stirring and actually spent most of the time with fingers in mouth just observing. At one point while he was trying to turn off the Kitchen Aid mixer, he turned it on high and the flour went flying. He looked at us with a horrified expression on his face and started to fuss. We assured him that it is the responsibility of every good cook to thoroughly dirty a kitchen and that the flour was simply proof of his outstanding capabilities.

Oh, and it turns out that scone dough is just as tasty as fully cooked scones. That's the official report from Bundle.




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kmac said...

Oh my word, he is too much!

TNT said...

Looks like fun!