Sunday, April 24, 2011

Madigan, the potatoes in the oven burned

but I couldn't stop staring at your beautiful sleeping face as I rocked you in my arms last night. I knew dinner would be seriously overcooked, but somehow it didn't matter. As I sat there watching you sleep so peacefully I pondered how blessed we were to be given you, little boy, to love and cherish. So many unique "you" things that I love:

Your copper colored hair
Your quick smile and those dimples
The way you lose your words when new people are around... so shy
When you copy everything I do and want to use my tools to "help"
Cuddling with you at night before bed
Hearing you say "Go(tta) Go", "Da-Do" (thank you), "Hi Au(d)rey"
When you pester me while I'm on the cell phone insisting that it MUST be Daddy I'm talking to every time
Your willingness to try almost any foods
Your incredible sensitivity to emotions and verbal cues both positive and negative
The way you interact with the animals at the barn
Playing chase with you through the house - sometimes you bump and bounce into the walls as you gallop through the house on those little legs and it always sends you into a fit of giggles

There are so many things I love... particularly, I love being your mommy.


kmac said...

beautiful. you are a wonderful mother.

rj said...

i recall a year or so ago mentioning to my mom that we had eaten one or two burned meals while growing up... she only said, "you were more important than what was in the oven." and it made my heart swell with love & joy. now as a mama, i'm right there with you, friend!