Friday, February 11, 2011

Sadness and Happiness

ABS Brake failure in truck two weeks ago = drove truck into tree.
Happiness: No one seriously injured. Truck not totaled. Truck repaired completely and possibly returned today!
Sadness: Bundle sick - teething? Cold?
Happiness: He's SUPER cuddly. :-) Got him to drink fresh carrot/apple juice (does the body good)!
Sadness: Snow day in Nashville (Again) = 6 hour trip to pick up George from work
Happiness: It's sunny and supposed to get warm! Yippee!
Sadness: Having to say goodbye to family who came for a wonderful visit - miss you Mom and Krista
Happiness (i.e. something(s) I'm looking forward to): Baby goats and baby horse are going to be here soon!

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gwendolyn said...

Thanks for the reminder that with everything there is a dark and light side, a silver lining in the thunder cloud, a birdsong in the choking silence. So sorry to hear that our dear baby isn't well. So glad to know that the truck will soon be home . Love your blog, dearest.