Monday, October 11, 2010

Touched by Fall

It's starting to feel like fall here, with the cooler weather. The trees are just starting to change their color and send the reminder that another season is upon us. The horses are spunky and cheerful thanks to the cooler air and I find that I too have a little more pep in my step in the mornings. I made some whole wheat bread and pumpkin bread and it's already feeling more like fall. :-) I know that fall signals the coming of winter (a thought I'm never keen on considering) but it's still the most amazing time of year.

Madigan is growing in leaps and bounds. He's been fighting a cold for a few days which may have slowed the process ever so slightly, but each day he seems taller, smarter and even more curious about the new things he finds in life. He is an excellent helper at the barn every day. He sits in my backpack most of the time, and when I'm milking the goats he talks to them, touches their faces and laughs at their noises. One, in particular, is always snorting which sends Madigan into a giggle fit. Sabina, Madigan's white dog, is still completely in love with the boy and is such a source of delight to us all. Never was there a happier creature than her!

I'll post photos of our fall-touched trees, etc. this afternoon.

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rj said...

that little guy is SO very handsome!! and glad y'all are enjoying fall together... i love his 'conversations with the goats' - ha! ;)