Sunday, September 05, 2010


In an effort to save $$$ and be somewhat less wasteful we've had Madigan in cloth diapers. For the first couple of months the diapers proved to be just too big for his little bum and were leaking more than justifiable by any standards. So, we happily resigned ourselves to using plastic diapers. Once he reached 3 months old, though, he was able to fit into the diapers appropriately and we made the move. I think there are definitely benefits to using cloth (as mentioned above), but they are a good deal more work. I think I like most that Madigan seems to be very comfortable in them and that simultaneously he is more aware of and bothered when they're dirty which will definitely aid us in potty training down the road. Another benefit? They're super cute on him! Of course, I'm biased and think he makes anything look cute!



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cheryl said...

yay! those are the same diapers we have. best deal ever. do you like them? I was wondering if you liked the velcro ones? I only got snaps.

TNT said...

What brand are these diapers?