Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Special addition

Madigan really hates his tummy time, in part because he doesn't have any traction to push himself up (i.e. prep for crawling... shudder). So, I found this rug on craigslist and it fit perfectly in the shoebox (living room). Bear was THRILLED when we put it down: "Finally, something soft and cuddly to lay on without having to expend SO much energy getting up onto the couch". Hopefully this will make for some fun learning adventures. The boy is starting to sit up on his own and I foresee some major head bonkings in our future, so hopefully this will ease that process and reduce the bruises. :-)

On a totally unrelated note... I ate my first RED TOMATO from the garden yesterday. DELICIOUSNESS!

And last but not least, I've included a portrait of Bundle for all his fans who simply won't be satisfied otherwise (Auntie Kristin). :-)


kmac said...

very lovely.

Lisa said...

nice rug! you are the craigs list queen!

gwendolyn said...

What a bundle! It just makes my heart ache to be stinkin far away from you all.

Virginia said...

Eryn, your amazing camera skills actually make the livingroom look spacious!