Monday, November 16, 2009


As I've been thinking about teaching Madigan, I've started noticing "little" things that I didn't notice as readily before. Pattern recognition, for instance, is something I take for granted. Why do certain patterns/shapes appeal to me more than others? How/when did I learn to recognize those patterns? Letters are shapes and have certain patterns, so obviously pattern recognition is an important part of our learning curve from infancy-and-beyond.

I've also been thinking about numbers and what a huge role they actually play in every day life/living. Think about all the times that you use numbers every day for even the most menial tasks. And, as much as I detest Math, I'm realizing that I actually get a great deal of joy from numbers and that some are very meaningful to me.

1. 12:34 – just get back from lunch and look at my computer clock to see the beautiful sequence.
2. 5:00 – “Outta here!” Work officially over for the day
3. 09/09/09 – Awesome! And, incidentally, my birthday this year
4. 721 – a number branded on my psyche – my daddy’s badge number, a reminder to me of his service and his sacrifice
5. 37 – “winning number” with my little Golden Retriever. She swept the fair that year winning multiple championships and the grand championship in Obedience
6. 123 _____________ - the address to the little white house where we grew up
7. 12/25 – Christmas! My FAVORITE holiday!
8. 2 – the perfect number of Scotties that should reside in every household
9. 1/24 - D Day! (Hypothetically... as if they ever arrive on time)


Danielle said...

Oh this post makes me happy! I am such a numbers nut and 3 of these that you listed, are also on my list of happiness. Although most of my number love comes from my slight obsession with the number 10 ;)

Did you realize that #1, 4 & 5 all add up to 10? Because I did ;)

I've pretty much been able to make every date that Weston could possible be born on somehow get back to the number 10 … some are streches, but hey, it works in my little world!

LOVE YOU! And really enjoyed this post!

Lisa said...

What a fun post.

Our generation will never forget 9/11.

I have a love/hate relationship with the number 3.

Loved the use of numbers in the movie "Stranger Than Fiction" with Will and Emma.

McBean said...

Dani K, I laughed when I read your comment because sadly I had indeed noticed that #1,4 & 5 added up to 10! And the reason I love the number 10 is because it's an EVEN number. :-) I've always loved Daddy's badge number, too, because 7 goes into 21 3 times - note there are 3 numbers in 721.

I guess for your benefit, I should have put 10 examples instead of just 9. :-)

gwendolyn said...

I love how observant you probably should have been a philosophy major because you think SO much...probably your saving grace in the mindless job you do right now. I love numbers too and sometimes toy with the idea of going back to college and getting a math degree...maybe even a doctorate....ha ha...dreams are such odd things really....and by the way, odd numbers are my personal favorites!

gwendolyn said...

Oh yes, speaking of numbers, today, Nov.16th is the day your daddy was fatally injured.