Friday, October 30, 2009

Once upon a slime...

I've had chai troubles this week. It's true.
Two examples from this week:

(a) I decided to make my own chai latte from a powder mix + hot water in my trusty to-go mug, as a substitute for Starbucks (YUMMINESS GALORE!) Chai latte. But, much to my dismay when I opened the lid to take my first sip, it was slimy! Yes, Slimy! GAG! No chai for me!

(b) After my aforementioned traumatizing experience I consoled myself by hiking to Starbucks the following day for a REAL (YUMMINESS GALARE!) chai (mmmm... hot, steamy, creamy and delicious). When I told the Barista what I wanted, he casually mentioned that they were "fresh out of chai", thus shattering my blossoming anticipation. Sigh.

As my new sister, Kristin, says: "... if you don't succeed, chai, chai again."

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