Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I keep thinking...

about things I want to do, or wish I could do, with the time I'm given. Here are a couple of reoccurring themes:

• Learn Portuguese – I wish I could just absorb it… that would be so much easier
• Publish my book – yeah it will happen
• Ride my horse every day – OK, so some things are a lot less noble than others, but I’m being totally honest here
• Have 5 kids – true story – and parent them with George
• Know history – really know it. Specifically European and American history
• Get my grandfather’s stories down on paper, so that my children’s children will know…
• Live shared lives with those who are so near and dear to my heart
• Get a master’s degree – I think I’m hungry for more learnin’
• Be unafraid
• Manage a successful organic farm - to include horses :-) - which gives back to the community
• Know my siblings (all 6 of them) deeply
• Never stop learning how to love
• Learn how to care for others with sincerity
• Read ALL of the books I want to read, but still haven’t
• Live all of my life alongside my George, knowing him better and loving him more keenly with each passing year name a few.

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