Thursday, April 24, 2008

The smell of Jasmine in the air

One of my favorite things about my walk home from work is the smell of Jasmine in the air. Along the pathway, someone planted a beautiful Jasmine plant and the smell of the flowers is intoxicating. It reminds me of honeysuckle.

Smells always rekindle memories for me. Some of my favorite smells include:
  • Lilacs (my favorite smell EVER!)
  • Fancy
  • Fresh, really ripe strawberries
  • Rain
  • Freshly baked bread
  • Oak Creek Canyon (yes, it has a very special smell)
Incidentally, honeysuckle reminds me of my little sister, Jess.

So, there's my justification for the Jasmine plant now growing on my porch! :-)

1 comment:

Gwendolyn said...

I wish you could see the honeysuckle b looming in the courtyard! Smells and looks absolutely flagrantly fragrantly exquisitely beautiful! Mom