Monday, April 09, 2007

Fancy's Baby

Well, we saw the heartbeat on our little (and I do mean little - about 2 inches long) baby horse! Fancy had her third ultrasound and we saw a fluttering heart pumping in the little figure on the screen! The doctor printed the photos off for us, and we've had to be careful that everyone understand this is our HORSE'S baby. :-)

Fancy finally moved into a stall at the barn, so there is a warm and dry place for her to stay. Our hope is that her stall will become "home" to her, quickly, so that she will be comfortable (as possible) foaling there next January. Because she's pregnant, she's very moody and having a hard time adapting to any changes in her routine.

This is the website for our baby's dad. You can also see all of the other babies that were born this year and get a little idea of what our foal might look like.

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